Made for Minijam 22, with the theme Anime and restriction of girl protagonist.

Manabu-chan is ready to learn! However, she has been assigned to the back of the class, and needs to be in a front seat to learn the best she can.

Make your way sneakily to the empty desk at the front without interrupting class!

You lose if you enter the sensitive kid's line of sight, the spiky hair of the sleeping kid, or activate all members of the Red Rangers.

Run into the desk of spike hair kid to change how he sleeps. The girls of the class can attract the attention of the sensitive kid when they get startled by desk bumping.

The magical girl is more attractive to the sensitive kids than the sneezing girl.

Move with WASD and click through menus with the mouse.

Good Luck! Happy Learning!


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Cool puzzle game! It's a very interesting concept.